Another route for the CNC

Late last night I found a nifty Arduino CNC shield. Toss on some motor controllers such as EasyDriver and you’re good to go. Thing is I hate emulating a serial port through USB, sooner or later it always bites me in the butt. However I can build a simple clone that uses a real serial port. I can use a old school 74 logic chip to convert the serial to normal RS-232 standard or I can buy a MAX232 chip. Reason why I am switching to the Arduino is because the simplicity of it. I can always update/upgrade the unit. I can use any Arduino that uses a 328 or higher. Not to mention I can use ChiliPeppr so I don’t have to use a dedicated machine. I also found a website that looks like from China that sales the stuff I need real cheap.

I only came across this when I was trying to find a better pinout for a parallel port and while looking in Google Images I came across a article about the GRBL shield. Then I looked into that and found then found out ChiliPeppr is supported. I’m still working on the CNC’s frame so I can easily convert to the Arduino.


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