Putting together a newish computer

Last week my brother had me upgrade his PC. It was more of a total rebuild that only the case, CD-ROM and hard drive was reused. I got to keep the old parts and they’re much better then the main system in my household. The case I am using is a older A-Open desktop case.

Isn’t the most hansom case but very functional and has plenty of room.

The top even has a vent that is over the CPU that I plan to add a blower fan from a old Sony PS3. The rear will have dual exhaust fans.

The specs isn’t much but it will have 8GB of ram and a nVidia GT220 video card. That is twice more then what my main system has. My current main system has 4GB of ram and a nVidia 7600 GS. The CPU is a very low end AMD Phenom 9100e. The replacement has I think a AMD as well but more suited for gaming. I want to leave out the CD-ROM but since the case is second hand I don’t have all of the bay covers. However I have a couple of old floppy drive face plates that I could use and modify them to hide USB ports since the case doesn’t natively have front USB. I like how older computers look compared to new ones due to ultra thin aluminum construction and look like toys. I like my systems to look bulky and built like a tank. Not to mention I hate the new case designs that have the power supply on the bottom of the case. A power supply is the second or third hottest part in a PC, heat rises so you don’t want all of that heat to go through the PC. Well enough of ranting on thermal dynamics.

I plan to dual boot Windows 7 and Debian Linux. For giggles I might triple boot with SteamOS. It will be a nice system until I can go build my dream PC, hopefully before tablets and smart phones completely take over the market.


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