Newish computer

Still working on it. Got the PS3 fan mounted and fits perfectly. Sadly the motherboard doesn’t have PWM so I’ll just use the typical setup for power, ground and tach signal. Instead of having all three fans running on a single fan host on the motherboard i’ll just use the floppy drive power connector and run a single wire to the tach signal to the motherboard.

I wanted to use a old floppy drive bezel to hide the front USB ports but sadly it won’t work because the USB port would sit too far back making a USB jump drive or cable unreachable so for now I have a single USB port glued where the eject button on the floppy drive bezel. I might just go ahead and make a whole new bezel and load it up with all of the USB ports and front audio ports. Dunno really, if I had it my way I would do all kinds of nifty things like a remote LCD for time, date, music info.

I still need to make a hard drive caddy for all of the extra drives I want to toss in since all of the drives except the primary are 2.5 inches.


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