Prototype day and other misc things

Starting on a prototype build of the CNC. Well really this build will be more of a plotter then a CNC but in all it does the same thing.

The prototype will be built from junk I have collected. As a test bed I’ll use a couple of old floppy drive stepper motors to drive the X and Y axis. The Z axis will be a DC motor with a H-Bridge circuit that will pulse hi and low to act kinda like a servo. If anything I can skip it until I can locate a servo or another floppy drive to rob the controller and stepper.

To use a floppy drive stepper I will use the floppy drive’s controller board. All it takes is putting a couple of signals to ground and you can control it directly from a parallel port or with a Arduino. Reason why I’m going on this route for now is to show some progress on the project and to keep myself motivated

The other day I had to toss out a old metal frame youth bed and when I was taking it apart I realized I can use the metal rods as glide posts for the CNC. There are quite a bit of rods and I can easily connect them to make them longer. Made me started to thing about the final build that maybe, just maybe I can make it modular. I want to make the system to use a direct drive system so I don’t have to use belts and gears let alone a threaded rod.

Upgraded the tinker computer. Tossed in a old SoundBlaster Live 5.1 card and a I/O card for more serial and parallel. For some odd reason the motherboard already has two serial ports but only COM1 is accessible in the BIOS. Even though there is a header on the motherboard for COM2. To use the I/O card I had to disable COM1 on the motherboard.

I bought a small 9inch B&W TV from Goodwill for $5.00. I plan to build a small oscilloscope with it. I know they work great for audio use but I wonder if I can use it to test electronics.

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