Too many projects and not enough time

I got too many projects these days. Kinda wish I had a shop/lab so I can easily work on them. Living in a apartment makes things hard and the bedroom is my work place. I try to keep it tidy but it’s always messy.

Anyway here are some progress logs for a couple of projects.

CNC prototype
The prototype is far from finish. The frame is done but the electronics are a quarter way complete. As said before I am using a couple of floppy drives for the X and Y axis. So far I have removed the unwanted parts and removed a few things from the PCBs. I also extended the cabling for the stepper motors and added standoffs to the PCBs so they can be stacked and out of the way.

Newish computer
The computer is complete and using it as I am typing this. Here are the specs.

  • AMD Phenom II X4 955 3.2GHz
  • 8GB of DDR3 memory
  • nVidia GeForce GT220 1GB DDR3
  • Corsair 480Watt power supply
  • Foxconn 2AB1 motherboard pulled from a HP

Only issue I have is the audio. The rear port itself is screwed up so I need to dig up a front audio connector. I wish I can toss in a better sound card.

Tool Tuesday
Some reason I can’t add posts under the page so I’ll post it in the main page. So the latest post is two days late because of that mishap.

TV Oscilloscope
Haven’t really started on it. I stripped out the built in radio and that’s about it right now.


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