Tool Tuesday 6/30/15

Today lets talk about screw drivers. For something so simple as a screw we attend to have a ton of screw drivers. I myself have a whole drawer filled with them and only used them a couple of times. All you need in a typical tool box is four.

  • #1 Flathead
  • #2 Flathead
  • #1 Philips
  • #2 Philips

NOTE: Unless you plan to work on CRT TVs and monitors you’ll need a real long #2 Philips.

The rest really and truly are screwdriver bits and a decent driver to go with it. I have a nice one I found that has a retractable magnate for picking up loose screws that have fallen out. Also a nifty thing about having a screwdriver bit driver is you do not need a bit to use typical computer 6/32 hex screws. In all; most specialty screws are not that deep inside of a case. However it wouldn’t hurt to get the longer driver bits because you never know and if you are like me you will get very angry if you end up without the proper tool for the job. Another tool to add into the tool box to go with the screwdriver bits is a small ratchet. I’ve seen people try and use a screw driver and end up stripping out the screw. With a ratchet you can apply better pressure and added torque as a lever to release a specialty security screw with ease.

Precision screw drivers
I hate to start on this part because everyone has their own preference. Let me start saying “you get what you pay for”. You can buy a cheap set and your mileage may very. It all depends on the material the bits or screwdriver itself is made from. I personally prefer to use bits and a T-handle driver so I can add some extra force. Jeweler screw drivers from my experience are too skinny and hard to grip. However you can use a pair of nail clippers as a poor mans vice grip but I wouldn’t recommend it.

Now don’t think your fifty dollar set will do the job. There is another factor, the screw itself. We live in a world of mass produced goods and companies will go to the lowest bidder at times for something as simple as screws. I’ve bought stuff new and straight from the box and seen a hex screw on the verge of stripping out.

Next week we will talk about Tap and Die kits also Heli-Coil for all of the case/enclosure makers out there

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