Sharing knowledge

I have a eight year old step son and I think it is time to put him under my wing and show him the ropes like my father did and his father did for him. I’ve noticed that the generation today has no simple skills for repairs let alone building stuff.

Now the only problem I am facing is what tools to include in this toolbox. When I was his age I only had a adjustable wrench and everything else was my father’s until I was around twelve when he gave me his old socket set. I don’t want to include tools that can harm himself let alone others. I’m thinking some screw drivers, adjustable wrenches, measuring tape, level, safety glasses, pliers and maybe a small hammer. Granted the hammer isn’t the brightest idea but hey every toolbox needs a hammer.

Down the road when I know he is ready I’ll add tools to his collection and show him how they work and so forth. I know he is already interested because every time he comes into the room and sees a tool he wants to grab it. Sadly he made that mistake and touched the soldering iron when I wasn’t looking. Nothing too bad it was only plugged in for a minute, just a slight burn on his index finger with a ending lesson “that’s hot”.


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