CNC update 7/14/15

Haven’t really done much. I ordered some ULN2003 transistor arrays and found out they’re coming in from China of all places. Last time I order parts from Amazon. In the meantime I have been updating my schematic to include limit switches, status LEDs and what not.

I plan to house the unit inside of the PC case of my tinker machine. Since I have two unused 5.25 inch bays I can easily fit it. I plan to use 18 gauge ZipWire sleeved in some retro fabric.

I found out something neat when using dual motors to control a gantry. This works on the high end systems that use dedicated drivers but could work on smaller Arduino units. Since you need the second motor to drive opposite you can use the trusty 7404 chip to invert the signal. Just have to invert the direction signal to the motor and works great. I’m going to try it so I don’t have to jerry rig the second gantry motor.

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