Tool Tusday 7/28/15

DIY LCR Transistor kit.

I bought one of these kits. I must say it is easy to build and a novice can tackle it easily. Just keep the multimeter on hand because some of these resistors are hard to identify. The kit is based off of a ATMega328p Micro and a bunch of 1% resistors. The LCD is nice, has a bright blue background and white text so it is easy on the eyes.


On my build I left out the 9v battery connection and used a 9v wall-wart instead. Calibration was a bit daunting but I finally got it to calibrate. The down side is it uses a screw terminal to plug in the device on test. I’m thinking to build a case and use alligator clips as the test leads. In all I think everyone should have one of these, should be as important as a multimeter.

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