Tool Tuesday 8/4/15 – Soldering Accessories

Must of us know about soldering irons and what kind of soldering to use and so on. Well instead of making a guide that you can find on a Google search I thought I would go on some accessories for soldering.

When soldering you need a few extra hands at times. A couple of helping hands can help. Depending on what you want to hold you might need two sets and some small C-Clamps.
helping hands

Tweezers are great for small components such as SMD/SMT devices.

My favorite accessory is surgical forceps. They come in handy for salvaging parts like diodes, resistors or anything that would be too hot to handle with bare hands. They even work to hold wire in tight spaces when soldering.
Desoldering braid is also needed. It sucks up the solder when you’re trying to repair or fix a solder joint. A very must have is a flux pen. They last a very long time and well worth the price. This helps when soldering so it doesn’t require too much heat and helps the solder to only pool up on the object your soldering. A soldering cleaner ball is great and at times a tip tinner/polish. Last thing you want is to try and solder with a carbon crusted tip.

Now one tool you should always have with your soldering iron is the desoldering iron. I personally don’t have one but I plan to buy one very soon.

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