New bench power supply

I am in need of a dual bench power supply with floating outputs. So since I have a few computer ATX power supplies laying around I can modify them and use them.

Typical ATX power supplies out of the box are not really floating/isolated. The DC ground is shared with the Earth ground. The Earth ground comes from the mains input and connects to the casing while the power supply’s PCB is then mounted to the metal casing expect one or two screw portions have electrical pads that run to DC ground. All that is needed is to use a multimeter to find these points then insulate the pads. Well for my project I plan to use a custom case to house both supplies. I might also have a banana plug for Earth ground to be isolated or not. The supplies will not be in series or parallel. I also plan to only use the 12volt and ground rails with a LM317 regulator with some 10turn pots, maybe some rotary encoders and LCDs to display Voltage Current. Might give me a reason to buy a Arduino Nano.

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