Electronic part mods

Been tinkering away and got a nifty idea on a cheaper alternative to 10turn potentiometers. The small trim pots can be modified

You can easily turn these into their bigger brother trim pots. It’s the ability of a decent knob we’re after. You can carefully solder on a brass tube onto the little screw or use a cheap Alignment Tool that you can cut into the desired length and use some epoxy to secure it. To add a knob you just use a set-screw type but that can be very costly and will cost more then the trimmer. You could just use the Deremel on the shaft and grind down one side and use a cheap D-Shaft knob.

Another one is to extend a tactile switch. Use a long shaft switch with a wooden dowel rod cut to desired length and some heat shrink tubing to attach the two ends together. Sometimes you can’t have a switch on a front bezel unless you want a mess of wires. This comes in handy for kits that doesn’t come with a case as well.

I attempted to make a motorized potentiometer by using a PCB mount 10K ohm pot and a small shaker motor. The shaft of the pot is plastic so I was able to use some hot glue to fill the void of the shaft. I then drilled a small hole that was a little bigger then the shaft of the motor into the PCB portion of the pot. I put the pot back together then jammed the shaft of the motor into the hole that is parallel with the back of the pot’s shaft and then hot glued it all together. Everything works somewhat. The pot still functions but the motor isn’t powerful enough to turn the wiper of the pot. However the idea is solid and can be done with a stronger torque motor but it would work better with a stepper motor and a AVR to control it.


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