Spent the day working on computers

Finished a project for a friend, built a PC from scrap parts. Typical AMD Phenom II with a HP motherboard, 4GB ram and with a Dell XPS 8300 case.
I also fixed up a HP XE793. Has a Celeron at 700MHz, 512MB ram, 160GB hard drive. While I was at it I yanked out the floppy and DVD drive. I then tossed in a Zip Drive, USB 2.0 card, 10/100 Ethernet and a 3com dial-up data/fax/voice modem that I plan to play around with. I’ll probably install Debian Linux on it or even dual boot a old version of Windows.

To put the cherry on the top I built a Faraday cage for my tinker PC’s SoundBlaster Live! card to block out EMF and AC bleeding for my oscilloscope. Works well and doesn’t pickup the AC current’s 50/60Hz.

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