Turn a hard drive into a grinder/sander

If you’re like me and have a ton of old computer parts lying around collecting dust you can modify most of them to your needs. I’m in need of a small sander/grinder so instead of building something huge and bulky I thought about using an old PATA hard drive. All what is needed is the controller board, motor and two platters. I wouldn’t use the hard drive chassis since the spindle is recessed and there will be times I need to sand/grind something that is bigger then the platters. What I would do is mount the hardware onto a piece of sheet metal or even a sturdy piece of plywood or common board. Just need the motor spindle to be proud and not recessed. The reason why I said two platters is a single platter would be too thin if you put too much pressure on the disk and will warp the platter. For the sandpaper I would use the “stick on” type and just cut to size if need be. I plan to have the unit sitting 90 degrees and maybe a small fence table.

I’ll take pictures and post them on this build. I won’t start on this until the 14th or 18th.


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