CNC Progress

Instead of using Wood or Metal for the CNC I am going to use HDPE. Today I was in the kitchen melting and forming the plastic. I was pretty much trying out different ways on molding it. The best way I have found is to flatten it out before compressing it to cool. I used a old metal pipe as a rolling-pin to flatten out the molten plastic. After compressing it and waiting it to cool I pulled out my new mini 4″ Y-Mite table saw and went to work. The little saw eats the plastic like a hot knife cutting butter. After cutting some parts I noticed there are high spots and ruff spots. To fix this I plan to use my hand router to flatten out the surface of the plastic. I want the overall thickness of the plastic to be quarter inch thick.

The awesome thing about using old milk jugs for this is it’s free and what left over trimmings I get from cutting parts I can remelt them and make more parts and panels. I can even sweep up the plastic dust and reuse that as well.


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