Screwed up hardcore

Well, my day started by installing Debian Linux on the tinker system. I tossed in a old 120GB drive and started installing Linux. After spending a couple of hours installing, updating and tweaking it to my needs I rebooted. Little did I know I used the wrong drive…

However this was really a blessing in disguise because the second drive is locked up from a password.

The hard drive was pulled from a old system that was given to me. The BIOS had a user/supervisor password set and I didn’t know the password and clearing the CMOS didn’t wipe it. Reason being the password was written onto a Option ROM or something like that physically to the hard drive. If you tried to boot the hard drive on a different system the BIOS reports it as non-bootable and locks up or if the other system uses the same version/brand BIOS it will ask for a password. In other words the hard drive is useless as a primary active storage. There is a work around like using ATA commands to wipe it but a waste of my time. It’s not a total loss since I keep backups and I’ve been wanting to switch the system over to Linux anyway since I’m tired of fighting windows to do my bidding. The only issue with using Linux is the file sharing with my main desktop that uses Windows 7 but I can fix that with a simple local FTP server or even better by putting my NAS back together.


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