Peer to Peer Dialup update

Tried numerous ideas and such for making a simple Line simulator. The only one that kinda works is just using a 9volt battery and a 1/2 watt 330 ohm resistor on the Ring (red) wire.

Now one system has Linux with Minicom and the other has Windows XP.

The Linux box was a bit harder to setup due to a driver issue with the modem. I came across a Ubuntu guide that did the trick since after all Ubuntu is a bloated copy of Debian. I installed Minicom and ran the config to select my modem. In this case its not a ttyS but uses its own handle of /dev/537.

I fired up HyperTerminal on the XP system and with both systems in a terminal application I issued some simple AT commands. On the XP box I issued ATX0D and as fast I was ale to turn to the Linux box I issued the ATA command. They shookhands so to speak and yet something odd happened. The XP box had a bunch of scrolling garbled text while on the Linux box nothing happened. Guess I’m getting somewhere with this. Hopefully tonight at work I can ask a friend that knows more about analog phone connections and see if he holds a answer. If anything I might have to try a different approach by using PPPd, finding some real modems and stop mucking around with some WinModems or buy off of ebay a real phone line simulator.

Tomorrow I need to do some rearranging and start on setting up a BBS.


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