Enable a simple quick VNC session between Linux and Windows

I wanted to do a remote connection besides using SSH. I tried using the usual suspects like TightVNC and vnc4server. For some stupid reason the system would reject the connections. So I remembered a older way that works great in Debian 8 (Jessie).

# sudo apt-get install xrdp

If you have a firewall on the Linux host then forward port “3389”. I would also install LXDE as the X11 GUI for faster speeds.

Since I am using Windows as a client I already have a viewing client ready to go, I’m talking about the default built in remote desktop client. Just enter the IP and login. When it logs into the system it will then ask for a user and password. Just use your standard user login and never use ROOT to access the system.

Now if you’re not so keen with Linux and need to know the basic command to obtain the IP address info just type in “ifconfig” in the terminal and there you have it.

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