Playing with the Arduino

I’ve been intrigued with building a small bench style portable lab using the Arduino. Since the Arduino has built in ADC (Analog to Digital Converter) I built a simple DC voltmeter. Now since I have gotten a better grasp on programming the thing I am seeing how far I can go on creating a menu system and select between a Voltage Meter and Ohms Meter that can be displayed on a 7 inch TFT LCD with the TVout library. If I can make the code super small I can add other features such as a soldering station controller and maybe some sort of Oscilloscope or even a power supply controller. It’s not the IO count I’m worried about but the size of the code. Would be nice if I can load a compiled Arduino sketch from a SD card but I don’t know where to start and some of the premade code from other authors doesn’t fit the bill.


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