Hanging up the Arduino for now

Spent most of the day trying to make a menu system for the TVout library and failed big time. However I tweaked the TVout Oscilloscope sketch so it refreshes a little faster. Since the DSO138 was a bust and I really want a decent scope I decided to just stick with the Arduino scope sketch. Not too bad really and since I’m using the TVout library I can easily expand later by adding a second Arduino and still be able to use the single LCD with two AVRs. All I would need is a switch to switch between the video output.

Now since the software portion is complete I need to embed the AVR to be a standalone and also make a case for it. To minimize AC feedback noise I need to use a shielded case and probably toss on a few ferrites. Might also have to add a cap or two to minimize ripple.

Tomorrow I’ll toss up a few examples of minimizing AC noise and EMI noise.


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