News and DSO138 follow up

This Friday and Saturday I plan to start on building a case for my Arduino scope and attempt to make a PCB for it. I’m going to make the case expandable so in the future I can add other options. The case will be made out of HDPE with a sheet metal cage on the interior.

I also plan if possible to stop at the local DRMO and see what they have in electronic test gear if they even have anything. Or I’ll just cruise craigslist and find something.

I have given up on the DSO138 problem. JYE confirmed the PCB to my DSO138 is a counterfeit and says otherwise and doesn’t want to budge so I dismantled the PCB and salvaged parts from it. I doubt I’ll ever order from them again. Now I need to find a home for the LCD in a project down the road. Wish I can find more info on the LCD module so if I choose to use a AVR I could find the proper library if one is needed. The BNC connector is going to the Arduino scope and the rest are just jellybean parts.


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