Passing on knowledge

I am a step father of four. Two teens and two younger kids that are 8 and 7 years of age. I tried to start on the path on teaching the youngest boy but in all he doesn’t have the intentions to learn. The teenagers are typical zombies with playing video games on their laptops and getting them to do anything is like pulling teeth with plastic pliers. However I noticed the youngest child Elyssa has been interested, she asks questions and such. Yesterday I was going through the junk on my desk and tossed out a template of a case and some how she grabbed it and tossed a fan in it. Then she asked me if I would teach her “How to build stuff”. I said sure but I don’t know, her mother is kinda iffy. In a nutshell she doesn’t want her to be a “tomboy”.

So i’ll just teach her some things such as automotive primitive tasks such as changing a tire and checking the fluids. How to use a ruler and measuring tape. Of course electronics. Might even show her how to use glues, adhesives and paints.

I asked her if she is ready to learn hard stuff that school won’t teach and she said yes. So it will be tricky but I know she will get it since she does very well in school. She attends to over achieve. In the meantime this might inspire her bother to learn as well since they attend to copy each other.

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