I hate standstills with projects

All of my projects are currently on standstills until I can get one or two things for them to finish let alone get further on them.

With the CNC I need some material to make molds for the HDPE parts. Until then I’m collecting more plastic parts/bits.
The peer to peer dial-up is became boring let alone if I continued I need a couple of ATA boxes to add onto a PBX server.
Arduinoscope is on hold until I can order some parts to make it embedded.

Currently I’m just showing my little girl some fun things with electronics. Yesterday I showed her how a small motor works and how if you reverse the polarity it will make it turn the opposite way. She had fun and played with it until the battery died. I think next I’ll show her how to use LEDs and then make a nightlight or small flashlight. Hard part will be showing her how to read a resistor chart. Might just print one and use some color pencils to make things easier.

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