RC Car controller

Last year for the heck of it I bought a cheap RC car from walmart and thought to myself what if I made it faster. The standalone controller can’t do it because of the small low power transistors to the H-Bridge.
A while back I stripped down a broken RC car one of the kids had and been sitting in a junk box since. I pulled it out and sure enough it’s also 27MHz and I was able to find some info on the main IC. The IC is a SDRX2BD made by SuperChip. The datasheet I found also has a example schematic on how to test it let alone to build a simple controller. Pins 10 and 11 control the reverse and forward function. All I have to do is lift the two pins on the controller then build a bigger H-bridge to pump more power into the motor. I don’t have to do anything to the left and right movement since it works well.
I can always change the left/right function later if need be.


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