Gettings ready for the weekend

Yesterday I realized I have “collected” too many fans from computers and some electronics. I decided to see what I could salvage from them and toss the rest. Twelve out of the twenty or so fans have ball bearings. I saved the bearings and wire harnesses. The rest of the fans are junk. I just cut off the magic wire to the coils and tossed the wire into my recycle pile.

I also tried slapping a crude power supply together. The transformer pushes 20 volts at 1.5 amps. Yet when I put on a load such as a regulator the voltage drops to 0.23 volts and the amps increase to 1.10 amps. I works fine powering a PC 80mm fan but anything else it just freaks out. Guess I can use it for a soldering fume extractor.


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