It’s getting ruff to find parts localy

When you need a certain part quickly in the old days you could of gone to a RadioShack or some hole in the wall repair shop. Heck you could even find it in a broken stereo receiver that your neighbor had tossed out. Now since electronics are smaller and surface mount they have become cheaper and it is just cheaper to buy a new device instead of calling in a repair guy to fix it for the everyday novice. This caused all of these wholesale/repair shops to go belly up or go a different direction. Even RadioShack some how survived longer then expected but fell to the demise. Now for a typical hobbyist you have to order the parts you need and wait a week or two and hope that it was packaged correctly and also the parts didn’t come from overseas. Also its starting to get harder to use scraped devices since everything is surface mount. Last circuit board I pulled from a stereo had literately twelve thru-hole parts and the rest that was probably in the hundreds were surface mount.

I finally called my local e-waste center and sure enough I can’t take stuff from them. They recycle it and the funds go to the city. I could try the local Navy base’s DRMO center but with my luck I’ll have to buy by the crate/palate. Just for giggles I put a ad on craigs list for unwanted old or broken electronics and even put my reason for why and such but nothing came of it. Last few times I bought parts on the web it took two weeks and they were no good. Found out the stock of ULN2003 chips I ordered a while back are no good.

I’m going to look into finding other ways to get parts locally.

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