Replaced the Tinker computer

I started to notice some issues with the old Tinker computer. Long story short some caps were going out n the motherboard. So I tossed together a newer system and instead of running Windows I decided to go with Linux. After getting all of my settings and programs I wanted I started to setup Xoscope for my PC Oscilloscope but there is a slight issue. Xoscope relies on OSS and doesn’t work with ALSA for the sound system. However there is a trick by making the program that requires OSS to work with ALSA. Just install the alsa-oss package and issue aoss xoscope and everything works fine.

Anyway the system is pretty nice for bare minimum system. AMD Athlon 64 X2 with 4GB of ram. Only got a 160GB hard drive but plenty for my needs. As for the Linux distro im running Debian 8 and it works like a dream.

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