Super Nintendo Moddingo

Decided to do the component video and stereo mod to my Super Nintendo. It’s very straight forward on adding the connections. Since mine is a older model I had to put the jacks on the left side because the sound module is on a riser card and blocks the right side rear. Since I had it open I gave it a paint job as well since the plastic has became yellowed because in the 80s and early 90s they used ABS plastic and since ABS is combustible they added Bromine to counter that and the Bromine is what makes it turn yellow from UV light over the years. Anyway I painted it black with some white offsets.

I almost forgot. Nintendo has some stupid security screws. I tried using a special driver bit and that was able to get the two center screws but for the front and rear they’re deep so it was kinda hard to get too. Since the case has became brittle to a degree most of the standoffs to the case have broken off but I have repaired them with misc hardware such as mollys, machine screws, washers and nuts. Also there has been some guides on the web for the screws such as melting pens and using them. Don’t do it, it’s a waste of time. Just go buy a deep well 4.5mm socket.

Now here is how to complete this mod for component video. This is done with the S-ENC chip. Works on both revisions A and B.

No pad lifting or anything. Just run the wire from those points to some RCA jacks. The ground is located in all sorts of places. Around the motherboard is a ground plain so you can solder to it or even use a ring terminal and use a screw position.

For stereo sound you can tap into the AV port on the system. Pins 11 and 12 are for audio. Pin 11 is right and pin 12 is left. Same as before add a ground.

Now if you’re a huge fan of Nintendo and want some nice sound there is a Digital Audio chip you can buy and solder in.

Now be careful on how you run the wiring. You want them short as possible for less chances of interference since chances are you’ll not use coax or some sort of shielded wire.

I thought I did a crummy job on adding the ports to my SNES but look at this I found online.

That is a fire hazard waiting to happen. Looks like the user even bypassed the internal fuse.

Anyway That is all for now.


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