$8.00 laptop

Went to the local thrift store and found two IBM Thinkpad R51s stashed away in a corner. At first glanced the way they were stacked it looked like a PS4.
They were both beat up looking. One was missing the keyboard but I was able to see the hardware. I found a charger that wasn’t quite powerful enough to turn any of them on so I went ahead and asked for a price and I was told eight bucks. I brought them home and started working on the one that didn’t have a keyboard so I could figure out how to tear into the other one. Sure enough it had a burn spot on the motherboard so I stripped it down. The second one I powered on but nothing showed up on the screen so I plugged up a external monitor and it did have video so it had a bad LCD screen. Naturally I switched LCD panels and it worked just fine. No hard drives or optical drives were in the systems but I have a extra hard drive. I was able to up the memory to 1GB of ram and a 60GB hard drive. I plan to install Linux on it.


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