Changing the format

I’ve been thinking about this little blog of mine. I decided to change the format to cover more then electronics and computers and cover more stuff that I like to do such as Science, Woodworking, Metalsmithing and sorts of things I putter around building or fixing. I attend to be a “jack of all trades” and I personally would think it would be more fun to share and log my adventures.

Since I can’t always run out to buy the latest and great thing on the market I attend to make my own stuff and I also try to use recycled items since at times a DIY project could cost more making a one off item then to buy a item that has been mass produced.

From this change of format I also changed the title of my blog to “The Wasteland Tinker”. A few reasons why I changed the name since I attend to Tinker and since I live in Florida that feels like a baring wasteland let alone I’m a huge fan of the Fallout series.

Later down the road I’ll start taking more pictures and maybe video on projects. Also try to be more detailed on the progress. Now I can only “dumb down” so much on stuff so keep in mind there is always wikipedia or a quick google search to help on that note.

In all I hope people will like this and I also hope more people will comment and put in their two cents.

-The Wasteland Tinker


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