Lazy two days

I decided to take a two day break from tinkering and play some video games I bought and never started to play. I spent all day yesterday playing Watch_Dogs, great game I must say. The teenagers came home and surprised me with Fallout 4 and a collectors edition strategy guide. Have to say I’m happy. While playing Fallout 4 I kinda wished I pre-ordered it with the pip-boy so I can use a old cell phone and control the game menus. However it gave me a idea. How about a bracket to mount a cellphone to the game controller? Kinda like how the old xbox360 chat pad works but this would be with a PS4 controller. This way the phone isn’t sitting on your lap or even if it’s on your arm you don’t have to stop what you’re doing to access the menu.

It’s only a idea that I might try in the future. I don’t want to tear up my only single game pad.

Oh, I found out there is already a bracket that does this. It’s made by Nyco. It can be found here and for a cheap price.


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