Stripping down a LCD

What can you reuse from a broken LCD TV or computer monitor.

Depending if the LCD is LED or Cathode backlit you can use the back lighting to make a nifty one off desk lamp. LED based is a bit trickier since it uses PWM to control the LEDs.

There is a acrylic pane inside the LCD module itself. This can be used for all kinds of things from making custom enclosures to vacuum forming depending on the thickness of the acrylic. Tablets use thin acrylic sheets and some LED based LCDs use two to three millimeter thick sheets.

The plastic casing to the LCD is usually a type of ABS plastic. You could cut it up into small pieces, toss it into a glass jar and pour in some 100% Acetone and let the plastic melt into a putty. Works like wood filler but for plastic.

The rest of the LCD is garbage. You could use the stand for other things but in all that is all you can salvage from a typical LCD. Now if it’s a TV you could salvage other things like a switch mode power supply, speakers and a few thru-hole components but that is about it.

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