Bench power supply update

Well I tried out the Stereo tuner and found out that sadly it doesn’t work. I tried to repair it but found a huge burn spot on the bottom of the PCB. Also it had a couple of burnt out fuses. Looks like a power transistor got brunt up and took the PCB with it. However this isn’t a total loss since I have been wanting to build a new linear bench power supply. The stereo has a beefy transformer that pushes 24 volts at 3 amps. Perfect for a bench power supply.

So here is the load down for the power supply. Typical Linear style with a full bridge rectifier, 820uF cap, LM317 adjustable regulator and a ten turn pot. For the display I’ll use a VU meter. Might even toss in dual digital display down the road for volts and amps. For now I’ll use a VU meter I got laying around.


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