Metal etching

I’ve been wanting to make a custom font panel/bezel for a case. Instead of using paint of cheap labels I want to etch it into the metal. I can also easily add a logo if I wanted.

It’s a very simple process and only basic items are needed such as DC voltage, water, salt, a sacrificial piece of metal and a plastic bowl. Depending on how deep you want to etching it can take a few seconds to mere minutes. It can be used with 9 to 12 volts of power.

Just make a stencil, wrap the metal plate leaving what you want the image to be exposed. It’s easier to attach a wire and tape it on the backside of the metal piece. Attach the positive side to the metal piece you want to etch. Dampen the exposed side with the salt water to avoid bubbles and insert into the salt water. Attach the negative side to the sacrificial piece of metal and turn on the power supply. Insert the negative side into the salt water. If you put the negative side in before turning it on it could short circuit but if you’re using batteries it will be fine. Just be sure to not touch any metal and use plastic or rubber coated alligator clips.

Depending on the type of metal you’re etching it can take a few seconds to a few minutes. Just keep a eye on it and if you remove let alone need to touch anything turn off the power supply. Also be prepared to see the water turn nasty yellow, brown and black.


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