Windows and drivers

My Wife wanted the old webcam hooked up so she could skype with some family. She tried to hook it up her self and ran into issues. I even had some issues however there is a trick that works well at times when it comes to forcing drivers. You can edit the INF file to relate to the device you are trying to use. If it is the correct driver but it doesn’t want to play nice it is because it can’t see it. To find the correct values to the device nine times out of ten all you need is the PCI/VEN info of the device.

Here is a quick guide. We will use the webcam as a example. Pretend that it has a conflict or no device driver is found. Open up Device Manager and locate the device.


Right click on the device in this case the webcam and select Properties and click on the Details tab. Under Property select Hardware IDs.


See the line USB\VID_15B8&PID_6002&MI_00? This is the Vendor ID and Product ID.  With this tid-bit of info we can edit the INF file to the driver to relate to the device. Now with your favorite text editor (I prefer Notepad++) you open the INF file that goes to the drivers that was downloaded for your hardware and find a line that has close to the same info we pulled from Device Manager.

Notice that the USB\VID_15B8&PID_6000&MI_00 line is different by one simple number. Just have to change the PID to USB\VID_15B8&PID_6002&MI_00 then save. All what is left is to go back into device manager and update the driver to the device. Select it manually and point it to where the drivers are located and you are set.

Here is also a nugget of information. A lot of people don’t know this but you can use Vista and some XP drivers in Windows 7 and Windows 8. However you can not mix 32bit and 64bit. So if you have say Windows 7 64bit and the latest driver was for Windows Vista 64bit then yes you can use the Vista driver. If you have Windows 7 32bit you can use XP drivers to a certain degree. Try to avoid XP drivers but if you really have to then go for it.

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