Helping son build a PC

My oldest step son has been buying parts left and right for a gaming PC. He finally got the last two parts in and I showed him how to put it together. When it was time to install Windows onto the machine we ran into a problem. The Hard Drive controller requires a driver and even with EFI set to use IDE emulation it still requires a driver. Well no problem since we have the CD that came with the motherboard and even has detailed instructions on where the drivers are located on the CD. No matter how I do it the system doesn’t like the drivers. Tried the CD, got the latest driver from the motherboard’s manufacturer website. Still nothing. Get to the point it loads the drivers and comes back with no compatible hardware found.  So when I was at work I ran into a guy that does IT work for the government. He said to try and see if there is a driver set directly from AMD. Sure enough there is yet I still run into the same problem but a different error so I’m thinking the RAM disk is full at this point so I’m trying out RT 7 Lite to slim down and to slipstream the drivers into the boot.wim file. I hope all goes well or we will have to go the Linux route since about 90% of the games my son plays are on steam and have been ported to Linux. Or use Linux to find the PCI/VEN info and check out the INF to the controller and see if it matches. I just hope it isn’t a bad motherboard.

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