Still waiting on my package. It has been sitting at a post office across town for a week. I checked on the status yesterday and they changed the date on when it arrived there from the 24th to the 28th. However the post office claims it will be here today.

I got a hold of a 12 inch Woofer that I plan to use for the final Transducer build. That is if it can fit under the couch. If it doesn’t fit I’ll leave it alone and maybe build a speaker box for it and maybe use it in the car or living room.

Got a reply from the battery charger manufacturer. They told me no due to FCC regulations they can not give out any datasheets or diagrams

“Thank you for your inquiry about

Because it is against FCC Policy to open any Analog and Microprocessor Controlled or High Frequency Speed Chargers, Schumacher Electric does not supply wiring diagrams, schematics or parts for our products. Parts for chargers are handled by Century Tool.”

Kinda doubt that, just their way of saying “NO” nicely. If it was a FCC regulation then you couldn’t access datasheets to any forum of power supply let alone published articles in books, magazines and websites. I guess I’ll just reverse engineer the charger and figure out what output is what.

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