News years and News

Happy New Year!

A couple of days ago the package showed up so now I can continue my power supply build. On the last day waiting for my package I tested out two transformers for the power supply. I don’t know if I hurt my multi-meter or I’m just stupid, maybe be both. I decided to use a smaller transformer that can output 40 volts at three amps. Now here is where things are odd. When I add a smoothing capacitor I get zero volts on the output. I’m using a 50 volt rated cap at 2200uF. I also tried three different caps. I’ve tried with ans without a load on the output. This same issue happens with the battery charger transformer. I’m thinking it might be the rectifier.

In other news I have drawn up the final plans for the 12 inch transducer. I still need to do a test fit before ripping it apart let alone checking to see if I can use a amp to power it correctly.


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