Laptop from the grave

A while back I bought two IBM Thinkpad R51s from a local thrift store for eight bucks. They both had cracks on the casing and one was missing the keyboard. No hard drives or optical drives for that matter. I got one single working system out of the two however I didn’t have a power adapter for it and had to use my ATX bench power supply. Ran fine under 12volts but I couldn’t use a hard drive due to current restrains. Well I found a power adapter yesterday at the same thrift store. I tossed in a 60GB hard drive that was the only one able to fit from my collection and for giggles tossed on Windows 7 starter. Worked fairly nice so I updated it to Ultimate, however there is a huge issue. Driver support sucks for it. I tried using XP and Vista drivers but when rebooting it wouldn’t retain and revert back to generic or unknown hardware.

In the end I installed Debian 8 Linux. It runs fairly nice and all of the hardware worked out the box including the Wifi that I was able to install the OS with.

Some time I need to mix up some ABS glue and repair the casing to the laptop. When I finally do that I might go ahead and paint it.

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