Took the Harbor Freight Multimeter challenge

My current multi-meter has seen better days so I decided to buy a Cen-Tech 37772 Multi-Meter. It’s really a re-branded Mas-Tech meter. Have to say so far it isn’t that bad for a cheap meter. Granted it is no where close to a Fluke or a Agilent but it works fine for low DC voltages to give you a ballpark range. The Ohm meter function works well unlike my old meter that freaks out when I test a 1meg or higher resistor. The audible continuity is crap however. It sounds statically and isn’t really quick on a reading. The temperature only reads in Celsius. I didn’t bother with the “transistor tester” since they never work right on any kind of DMM meter that offers it. I haven’t tried the capacitance tester yet.

The meter doesn’t have a kick stand but the LCD folds out. Huge display but no back lighting.

In all if it wasn’t on sale I wouldn’t of gotten it. Does it compare to a True RMS meter. NO, but it works for basic ballpark ranges.


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