Some wood working

Pretty soon I plan to build two desks. One desk to replace a computer desk and another to be more of a work table for my “tinkering”.

The current computer desk is pretty much Jerry-rigged. Concert speakers as the legs and a old table top sitting on top. A while back I added a TV stand for the 32inch TV/monitor to the desk to get more space and added some poles on the rear corners to mount the speakers. It doesn’t look all too bad but I know the misses doesn’t like it all too much and when we move I doubt the computer would stay in the master bedroom so the current desk would be a eye sore if it was in say the living room area.

I would love a corner desk but the last time I had a corner desk it ate up too much space and once again the wife didn’t like it too much. So a simple desk with one or two drawers on the left and right side. Cabinets on both sides as well. One of the cabinets will house the computer and the other will have two roll-able shelves for the printers. I also need to incorporate a space for the router, modem and the phone ATA box. Maybe a “back splash” piece and mount the speakers too it.

Construction would be birch plywood and maybe some 2x4s. I’ll attempt to do pocket screws to hide the fasteners. The wife and I love the rustic look so a dark oak or english oil and plenty of polly to finish it.

The workbench desk will be super simple. A typical work bench is a bar height but typical desk height will do fine for now until I get a real work space. The desk will have two drawers on each side and open shelving to store part boxes. Might include a hutch with a tilted top shelf and cabinets. I will also have a back splash on this desk that will have a power surge strip on it. It would be neat to have the computer monitor adjustable so I can flip it or swing it in and out of the way. At the same time I want it simple enough that I can extend it in the future by adding a second desk or convert it to a corner desk.

Construction would again be birch plywood and pocket screws. To finish it I plan to use a very light oak color varnish and the rest would be a dark walnut or just paint it black.

I’ll take pictures of the builds and document the progress. I might also post plans for both desks.


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