News and Updates

Since I am some what behind on the bench power supply I tossed together a adapter for a old laptop charger. The adapter is just a single LM317, 6.8ohm resistor, 100K pot and some banana plug jacks. With this simple setup I can get by with 1.3volts to 19 volts of DC voltage until I can get the main bench power supply up and running.

Today I built a handy dandy shelf to hold my multimeters. I had some left over pine half-inch by 2″  and a piece of half-inch by 1″. Slapped it together with some screws, rounded off the edges and even stained it. I might make a trunk next to store the part boxes and a few books to clear up some clutter.

Two weeks ago I quit a message board I was with for many years. It’s a abandoneware software site that keeps archives of obsolete operating systems and software. It got to the point that a lot of younger people (mostly kids) trying to claim they know more then a typical end-user. All they know how to is run windows 95 on a VM and a few DOS commands then bash the heck out of Linux and OS X while thinking they know it all.

I’m very happy to see more interest for my little blog. I hope things keep going along.


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