First issue with Debian

I’ve always used Debian Linux for server use and sometimes as a daily driver on a client. I also attend to use the latest stable release. However with Debian 8 (Jessie) I have ran into a huge problem. My PXE server does not work and I can’t understand why. Typical software is used such as tftpd-hpa, isc-dhcp-server and nfs-kernel-server. The hardware isn’t the issue. Just as some of you know if you’re going to use a PXE you don’t want multiple TFTP servers on a single network let alone multiple DHCP servers so I have a second nic in the server (eth1) as the access port to the DHCPd and TFTP server. In other words a second LAN. I have tried multiple configurations for the software including iPXE for the PXE bootloader. The client connects but times out. I added permissions to iptables and even disabled the firewall. Changed file permissions and so forth. Locally on the server I can connect to the TFTP server with the TFTP client and get files just fine but on a remote client it just doesn’t connect.

I might have to revert back to wheezy for this setup.


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