Plans for the PXE server

Since I wanted to play with DOS once again I have ran into a lot of issues with my computer hardware. Since I don’t have any floppies I can’t use a floppy drive let alone don’t want to deal with floppies. The following day after creating some CDs my old CD burner kicked the bucket. It reads discs but doesn’t want to write. Since the PC I want to use a more modern then a typical PC from the days of DOS I decided to go with the PXE route, granted I could add networking software and so on so forth but DOS is finicky when it comes to networking. Just need a bootable image with a custom BATCH file to copy the DOS files over to the PC and execute the SYS command. From there I can use a second bootable image for transferring software such as MASM and FORTRAN utilities/programs.

I know there are other ways such as using a VM but I want to access serial and parallel ports and use the system to control circuits via serial or parallel. Probably most likely via parallel port. It’s just a way to get files from one system onto another. Maybe in the future I’ll add networking and custom autoexec.bat and config.sys files for different TDR load ups.


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