More Parallel Port Control

Instead of going in the assembly route to control a  parallel port we can use QBasic and get the same results. With QuickBasic you can compile the code and use BATCH scripts to run them or even if you’re crafty enough you can make a simple program to control it.

Here is a simple test script in basic to turn on all of the port’s pins and turns them off in pulses. You can use a LED or a Multimeter as a output to see if it works.

OUT (888), 255
OUT (888), 0

This puts all of the pins high for five seconds and low for one second.

Be aware that not all parallel ports use the same address.


2 thoughts on “More Parallel Port Control

    • Believe it or not but you can do a lot in QBasic. If I could remember Basic programming better (It’s been 20 years) I could do a lot more of a program but nevertheless a simple little script is enough to get things going.


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