When I was a child my parents use to watch a show on TLC called Connections. The show’s host James Burke would take an interdisciplinary approach to the history of science and invention, and demonstrated how various discoveries, scientific achievements, and historical world events were built from one another successively in an interconnected way to bring about particular aspects of modern technology. Even as a young child no more then nine or ten I thought it was pretty neat of a show. Another show was Secret Life Of Machines presented by Tim Hunkin and Rex Garrod.

Lately I have been going retro with some tinkering. Since I’m waiting on parts for the power supply and CNC I have been tinkering around with some digital logic chips. Today I was looking around and found some chips I’ll never use but still hard to find such as a 6800 PIA and XR-2206CP Function Generator. Then again I could use the XR-2206CP. I might revive the Function Generator project on a future date.

I have noticed I once again haven’t been going too much anything else lately. My guess is because I am stuck with no workshop/work space and confined to a small portion of a bedroom. I could go outside and do stuff but with my apartment complex I wouldn’t want to leave stuff out let alone the mosquitoes here are very annoying since there is a drainage ditch in the back yard in the tree line.

The wife and I plan on moving this year when our lease is up and looks like we might have to rent. I honestly prefer to buy a house but our current credit isn’t up to par. Lesson learn, default on a small credit card that has a $300.00 limit can screw you over. Anyway we’re going to rent a house and hopefully it will have a garage or a huge shed I can use. Then I can setup shop and finally do some decent blogging and be able to complete projects without waiting or permission. I have hundreds of tools I can’t use due to the fact I live in apartment and the neighbors will complain on the noise. Bet anything the neighbor wouldn’t care why I’m grinding a weld with my grinder. All they care is it’s noisy and annoying them. Last week I was using my router with a round over bit on a small shelf I built and when I was done with the first pass out of four passes the neighbor was outside with her arms crossed looking kinda angry. When living in a apartment you learn quickly on how to use hand tools rather then power tools. At the same time you’re kinda spoiled by then and prefer to use a power tool such as a belt sander instead of a sanding block.

With other things going on in my head I wish I had more patience when doing stuff. I attend to rush after I get so far or rush in the planning faze. I need to start putting more effort on planning. It’s like painting a car, you do more prepping then painting.

Well enough jabbering


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