CNC Progress (With pics)

Yesterday I started on the CNC X axis. I decided to go with a smaller unit and instead of a moving gantry I went with a moving sled. It’s made out of acrylic and stainless hardware.

When working with scrap acrylic you really don’t want to scratch it up let alone you need something on it to draw your measurements.



When you want to cut it in half the easiest way is to measure corner to corner and where the two lines intersect is the center. A square is best to make sure everything is evenly square.


I bought a “Mighty Saw” from Harbor freight a while back. Have to saw it works great for small pieces of acrylic. I added a extension to the miter gauge’s handle since the little nub of a handle was a joke.


I ripped the plate down and later decided to just work on the X axis.


The bigger sheet for the bottom of the CNC came from a old 17inch LCD. I was able to use butt joints for the hardware. The two bigger holes are for th slide rails. I plan to make this some what modular so if I wanted a bigger bed I can just swap the slide rails over.


A test fit for one of the slide rails. To make life easier I used some plastic bushings. Maybe down the road I’ll switch to linear bearings.


X axis stepper installed.


This is a old hard drive head bearing. Works just fine for the belt.


Here I am trying t figure out how to mount the bed.


Since I was running out of time to finish it yesterday I stopped and waited for today.

Today I added some feet to the bottom and even added thumb screws to level out the unit. I also mounted the bed and slapped on a belt that is a bit on the loose side but works for a simple test. I really need to add some limit switches as well. Here is a short demo video of it in action.

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