Technology for the simple minded

I have thought about this quite a bit and even talked it over with a few people and we all agreed that modern Technology has gone stupid. Mostly to protean the novice user into thinking they know all.

For a example a friend of a friend asked me about fixing a computer. She said she uses Xfinity and it said on her computer about a certificate was out of date. I asked what version of windows and she said Xfinity. From there I couldn’t go further or else I would of laughed my butt off and maybe pass out from the lack of air. Now this doesn’t mean she is the only person in the world. I have met novice users that think their ISP had to fix their PC or some one hacked their PC when they in fact hit a wrong key. Now even end users have gone stupid with things such as “The internet of things” and the cloud.

IoTs has been around since the internet. It’s not a new thing but lately it has became a trend and I have seen some stupid things labeled with it like people connecting to a RC car and drive around some stranger’s house. Or read Radiation levels near some house that is no where near anything radioactive.

Cloud Computing is another dumb thing in the world of Computing. It’s nothing more then a public VPN and is still vulnerable to attacks. Also it has a couple of backlashes. When I hear the term “100% secure” and “Unhackable” in all reality it isn’t. It’s just propaganda of a company trying to sell their product. You can be protected on a hardware and software level but still not be 100% secured or unhackable. Reason being is simple, human interaction. As a typical person you will slip up and leave a clue or even put out a welcome mat. When you get down to it, it’s just Social Engineering that will bite you in the rear. People attend not to follow the rules aswell. For a example back in the 90s with AOL. Every chat window you would open there would be a disclaimer stating “No one from AOL will ask you for billing information” or something like that. Yet people were dumb enough to still send their billing information to the person that sent that message.

Since more and more people are now on social media let alone using the web everyone falls for fake stories and Ads have gotten smarter/stronger. For a example tons of people really thought McDonald’s was going to get rid of the BigMac because some prankster posted it on social media. Even FoxNews thought it was true. I’ve noticed my local News channels are starting to post fake stories that have been going around social media such as a 94 year old woman dying from falling asleep with a vibrator that ended electrocuted her. Typical people “Sharing” slide shows that are riddled with Ads. Nine times out of ten they’re about a fake topic or just something stupid. It is just there for some company to get paid in hopes some one will click on a Ad.

Microsoft in my opinion has even taken on the dumb and weak with Windows 10. It is riddled in Ads and bloat-ware. I tried it for ten minutes and thought to myself I rather deal with Windows ME and Vista then this. I already told myself when Windows 7 becomes obsolete I’ll install Linux on the family PC.

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