Clothes dryer repair gone wrong

Not a DIY how to but more of what you’ll run into.

My “Fake Mother in-law” (Person that calls my wife her daughter) asked me to repair her clothes dryer since my wife gloated a couple of times fixing ours. I get there and sure enough the belt had snap. I attend to order my parts but she was in desperate need so I found a local repair shop that had the part in stock. I replaced it and the following day I got a call that it smelt like electrical burning. So yesterday I went over and sure enough the belt slipped/twisted and melted until it snapped. I went back down to the repair shop to get a new belt and the owner of the shop grilled me and said it was my fault. I bought a new belt and go a 40% off discount and installed the belt. I ran it for five minutes and noticed that a few issues.

The belt is super thin while the pulley to the idler and motor itself is three times the width. It’s a rib belt and only has three skinny ribs. Kinda felt like I was using a long rubber band.

Here is a picture of the idler. It’s not even bolted down but uses a couple of flange flaps to hold i down. Not the best suite idea since you have a belt tightly pressing it back. The pulley to the motor is the same style. Now thinking back to my dryer repair it used a much wider belt and the pulley to the motor was deeper. While the dryer was running for five minutes you could clearly see the belt going back and forth. The parts guy even said the motor should have a plastic shroud so if the belt slips off it will go back into place but when I returned to the dryer there is no shroud in site. Even finding the exploded parts view of the dryer it does not list a shroud. In all the dryer itself is very poor construction. Even high end dryers such as Maytag are not very well put together. I have a Maytag and it is nothing more then a rebranded Whirlpool with a mixture of Whirlpool and Kenmoore parts.

I don’t know if it’s because I’m use to working on cars that a V-Belt style belt runs at high RPMs or no one really notices the poor construction of these dryers and when something breaks it will fall apart constantly. Guess I better count my blessings and be glad it wasn’t the washing machine.

A few tips however when working on one of these.

  1. Disconnect the Power.
  2. Have a bungie cord or rope handy to hold the lid open.
  3. Use nut driver screw drivers since the dryer is held together with self-tapping screws.
  4. Be prepared to get dirty.
  5. Grow a third arm.

It’s a pain in the rear but it is better then spending double the amount what you spent on the dryer new for a repair guy.


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