Power Supply rebuild.

Well slapping together the power supply was a dumb idea. Some how I burnt up the opamp. I think it was a error on my part for not looking at the correct datasheet and pumped too much voltage into the differential input.

So instead of building my own I’m going to just copy some one else. However with a twist. Instead of using the same BOM I’m going to use a few different parts. The power supply will be heavily based off of Peter Oakes supply. I have watched all of his videos on build the supply. Instead of using a TLE2144 Opamp I will use a LM339N. Also I’ll be using a different Mosfet. Kinda wish I could use the same parts but im on a budget of zero dollars and can only use on what I have in my inventory.

Also instead of using the same transformer from the last supply I have a different one that will work better in the long run. After rectification it produces 25volts and can handle a couple of amps. Also if I wanted to I could easily add a second channel and it has enough multi-taps to power the quad opamp and a fan unlike the old one that I tossed in a small switched 12volt supply and added a voltage divider for the opamp.


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